Nobilia kitchen accessories and storage, designed to make your life in the kitchen easier.

Trick out your new Nobilia kitchen out with some desirable, useful storage and accessories. Everything you need to organise your cutlery, utensils and food can be planned into your new kitchen layout or added later as you identify shortcomings in your current kitchen storage arrangements. Preparing and cooking food in an organised environment delivers increased productivity and less stress. Once was once a chore can even become a real pleasure. Nobilia kitchen accessories are designed to enhance your time in the kitchen and put every nook and cranny to work.
Nobilia Kitchen Accessories / Storage

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Drawer inserts and cutlery trays.

Waste organisers and bins.

General accessories.

Corner storage.

Tall storage.

Accessorise your drawer space with cutlery inserts and organisers.

Cutlery and cooking utensils can be readily available when you need them with this selection of inserts, many of which have variable compartments so that you can adjust them to suit your individual needs. Knives, forks, even herbs and spices can be organised to suit how you work and positioned within easy reach directly beneath your hob.
beechwood--cutlery-tray-insert-with-foil-dispenser beechwood--cutlery-tray-insert-with-knife-block beechwood--cutlery-tray-insert-with-spice-holder cutlery-tray-insert-with-foil-dispenser
cutlery-tray-insert-with-knife-block variable-cutlery-tray-insert variable-cutlery-tray-insert-with-knife-block variable-cutlery-tray-insert-with-spice-holder
drawer-organiser-with-plate-dividers universal-drawer-organiser variable-drawer-organiser anti-slip-mat-for-drawers

Any Nobilia kitchen sink base or standard cabinet can be fiited with waste bins and accessories for storing cleaning materials.

These days waste recycling is something we all have to live with. By using drawer or cupboard space it is possible to make this a little easier and more discrete. Depending on the size of unit used it is possible to have waste seperation bins for perishable and general houshold waste and also storage for dustpans, washing up liquid and other cleaning materials.
waste-bins-300 waste-bins-cargo-50 waste-bins-cargo-60 waste-bins-cargo-80
waste-bins-cargo-100 waste-bins-separato-50 waste-bins-separato-60 waste-bins-separato-80
waste-bins-separato-100 waste-bins-separato-300

There is not enough room to show all Nobilia kitchen accessories but here are some of the clever ideas available to you.

It is the little details that separate an average kitchen from one that works really well for you. Things like removable bottle racks, food slicers stored in drawers, pull outs with baking tray holders all give a Nobilia kitchen the edge over standard kitchen manufacturers. These accessories are not only functional they add a bit of wow too,
narrow-pull-out-for-oils-and-spices narrow-pull-out-with-baking-tray-holder pull-out-with-removable-bottle-rack plinth-drawer-with-stool
pop-up-food-slicer pull-out-table upstand-in-worktop-material-with-railing-system

These corner storage accessories help you reach things that might otherwise be difficult to get at.

Corners in kitchens are a bit of a nuisance really, carousels and Le Mans pull outs help to make storage in these areas easier to use. Nobilia have several versions of these to suit different corner arrangements and L shaped wall units can reaaly deliver alot of space that is easy to access.
corner-carousel corner-carousel-for-diagonal-base-unit le-mans-pull-out-for-corner-baset L-shaped-900-wide-corner-wall-unit

Tall units with pull outs are very popular now and Nobilia have several options for pull out larders.

Pull out larders are great and offer versatile storage in all kitchens. From pull outs with wire baskets, extendable shelves or drawers Nobilia offer great accessories for larders and broom cupboards.
broom-cupboard duoport-pull-out-larder larder-with-drawers larder-with-internal-drawers pull-out-larder
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