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We use a software package that produces high quality images of your new kitchen enabling you to visualise exactly how it will look in your home. You can also take a virtual walk through of your proposed kitchen layout, this is especially useful if you are thinking of incorporating an island in your kitchen design as it will give you a good idea of how much space you will have between it and other units in the room.

We can produce a draft design for you in home or in our showroom, if you are not in Kent or London then we can still help you design your kitchen via email and arrange to meet afterwards if you are interested in taking in further.
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10 Kitchen design ideas and tips.

At the other end of the spectrum huge kitchens with islands lead some of us down the road of an impressive bank of tall units but no worktop to hand when we take red hot roasting trays out of the oven. Loading all the shopping into the fridge and freezer from the floor will eventually become a bit tedious as well.

There is lots to consider when designing kitchens including practicality, ergonomics and visual appeal. A lot is made of the kitchen triangle, having to  travel a bit of a distance to the fridge is inconvenient but the biggest consideration by far is the relationship between the hob and the sink. This is where the majority of accidents occur in the kitchen and they usually involve boiling water or hot fat. The first thing in your mind when it comes to your kitchen design should be the sink, the hob and how you can position them within the design to reduce the risk of accidents.
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The majority of kitchen designs are based on variations of these six shapes. Here are some of the most common oversights we encounter in kitchen designs for some of them.

In galley kitchens the sink and hob are often placed on opposite walls. Sometimes this is unavoidable but it is much safer and ergonomic to have them both on the same wall.

L shaped kitchens can end up with a pokey and ineffective corner if you sucuumb to the temptation of having to many tall units on one wall. Plan in a tambour unit or leave sufficient space.

Two common mistakes with kitchen islands are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Most common is trying to design a kitchen with an island in a space that is not big enough. Islands are not the most effective use of space and people forget that a 600mm wide cabinet is 1200mm deep when the door is open.

Decide how much you want to budget for your kitchen and allocate a proportion of it to the cabinets, worktop, appliances, installation, lighting and accessories. Many people underestimate the cost of new appliances, lighting and accessories. Don't forget the cost of new flooring, decorating and any other work you may need doing.
Ask the retailer to split out the costs in their estimate so you can see where your money is going.
Do some homework, take examples or images of styles and features that you like and show them to the kitchen designer, the more direction you can give the more likely the kitchen design is going to reflect what you want. If you are planning to stay in your current home for the foreseeable future choose styles and colours you like, not necessarily what is hot at the time, fashions come and go, you are staying put.
In most cases the design of your new kitchen is going to be constrained by the proportions of the room but you can make sure the new layout will work best for you by making a list of the things that your current kitchen is lacking in. Not enough worktop space, low level oven, hob and sink too far apart, inadequate storage for your needs, no where to sit and have a coffee etc.

Do a bit of research on the latest kitchen appliances and gadgets, some can save you space and time and if you have not taken much notice of the advancement in kitchen technology for a while you may be surprised at what is now available to you.
If you are thinking about having real wood doors you should also take a look a synthetic wood alternatives. The technology used to make kitchen doors has improved so much that some vinyl wood effect doors look as good or better than real wood, will be easier to clean, probably last longer and will almost certainly be cheaper. The same could also be said for quality laminate tops versus real wooded worktops.
Mix and match kitchens are a great way to inject some interest and contrast into a kitchen design, different coloured wall and base units or maybe  a contrasting island.
White kitchens with white worktops sound a bit sterile but they are a great blank canvas. You can easily refresh the look of your kitchen by changing the colour of walls and a few well chosen accessories when you get fed up with the existing scheme.
Consider glass for splashbacks and wall coverings, the colour choice is almost limitless and it is much easier to clean than tiling or paint.
It is fun and chic to mix old and new, synthetic and natural finishes. Reclaimed wood looks great on the floor or as a breakfast bar surrounded by sleek cabinets for example.

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