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Kitchen appliances are an integral ingredient in any kitchen and it is a fast moving sector with manufacturers constantly innovating and improving looks, specification and energy efficiency. Choice is important when buying appliances partly from a cost perspective but also because many brands specialise in particular niches of the appliance market, Elica and Luxair in extractors, Rangemaster in ranges are a couple of examples. That is why we have teemed up with a local appliance specialist to offer you great value and expertise on almost any kitchen appliance brand you might be interested in.

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Just a few of the kitchen appliance brands we offer.
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The oven, or often these days, the ovens are really what the kitchen  is all about, cooking food. With so many ovens available on the market how do you go about selecting the right oven for you? We suggest you think about the following to help you narrow down your oven short list.

1. What kind of food you regularly cook in your oven.

2. How many people do you regularly cook food for using you oven.

3. How much functionality do you want the appliance to have, list the must have, then the nice to have.

4. How old and agile are you? If bending down is difficult or may become so in the near future then consider how the oven can be positioned to avoid this.

5. Is your kitchen small or are you below average height. Ovens with slide away doors save space and ovens with side hinged doors mean that you can stand nearer to them when open than you can with conventionally hinged appliances.

6. What style of kitchen is the appliance for, integrated for sleek and modern, free standing in a traditional kitchen?

7. How much do you want to spend?

We will happily discuss all of this and make some recommendations for an oven that will best suit your requirements.

Kitchen appliance prices.

The sheer amount of kitchen appliances on the market can make selecting the right ones a bit daunting but the upside to this is that there are appliances available to suit all pockets. If you are purchasing appliances as part of a new kitchen it is sensible to break your budget down and allocate a proportion of it to the appliances. Unless you have unlimited resources it is easy to get carried away when buying appliances, this often leads to disappointment when you get a quote for your kitchen and discover that a significant part of your overall budget for the project has been eaten up by the cost of the appliances.

Choose wisely - changing brands could save you money without compromising on functionality or performance.

Our appliance prices are usually competitive with on-line only appliance retailers and we will arrange for them to be delivered when you need them, not days before the fitters are there, or worse - when they have gone. We will also liase with the installer to ensure the right electrical circuits and fusing is in place to bear the appliance loading.

Kitchen appliances - ovens - functionality.

Broadly speaking ovens can be split into four catagories.

Conventional ovens.

Conventional ovens are the most straightforward to use and are great for uncomplicated recipes. Cook with slightly different heat zones depending on where the food is positioned with conventional ovens being hotter at the top and cooler at the bottom.
Ideal for: Roast beef, traditional baking, soufflés
kompact-synergy -single-oven-kc556mfss

60cm M/F fan oven.

£450.00 inc VAT

Kompact Synergy kitchen appliances.

These quality European manufactured appliances combine excellent value, looks and performance and are covered by a 5 year parts and 2 year labour guarantee.
kompact-synergy -large-capacity-single-multifunction-oven-KC567MFSS

60cm M/F fan oven 67 ltr.

£576.00 inc VAT

Compact kitchen appliances.

Compact kitchen appliances are increasing in popularity as they combine flexible cooking methods with space saving dimensions. They are great for use in apartments and flats and especially practical for singles and couples who tend not to cook huge meals.

More families are opting to install them in kitchens too. Double ovens and free standing microwaves are commonly replaced by single multifunction ovens and compact ovens with microwave and grill. This frees up worktops and gets more functionality in the same space that the double oven took up.
kompact-synergy -twin-zone-mf-oven-kc557mftz

60cm dual zone M/F fan oven 67 ltr.

£732.00 inc VAT
kompact-synergy -gas-oven-kc567gmm

60cm gas oven & grill MM

£594.00 inc VAT
kompact-synergy -built-under-mf-double-oven-k567

72cm Built under MF double oven

£816.00 inc VAT
kompact-synergy -built-in-mf-double-oven-k590mfss

90cm Built in MF double oven

£852.00 inc VAT
Fan assisted ovens.

Partway between conventional and fan ovens, fan-assisted ovens have heating elements at the top and bottom of the cavity. A rotating fan gently circulates the heat to almost eliminate uneven heating zones, although not as thoroughly as a fully fanned oven. The oven temperature is more even than conventional ovens but the top is still slightly hotter than the bottom.
Ideal for: Crisp and brown top and bottom, toad-in-the-hole, quiche, roast pork
Fan ovens.

Fan ovens cook with a uniform temperature whatever the position of the food within them. By rotating a fan by the heat source, heat is evenly distributed, helping to cut preheating time and reduce overall cooking times by up to 30%.
Ideal for: Batch baking, different foods at the same temperature
Multifunction ovens.

Multifunction ovens combine a host of different settings with an additional heating control for supreme versatility. This makes them the most adaptable ovens as they can offer up to nine different cooking methods to cook virtually any dish.
Ideal for: virtually any dish
Compact kitchen appliances are usually 60cm wide and between 320mm and 450mm high. They need to be housed in tower or base units, the depth of them mean they are not suitable for wall units.

What kind compact kitchen appliances are available.

Depending on your needs there are a number of compact appliances on the market.
Compact microwaves, compact microwave and grill, compact ovens with microwave and grill. The latter give you the functionality of a convection or fan oven as well as a grill and the ability to microwave food. Steam ovens help to retain the nutrients in food and fantastic roast meat can be cooked in them and then finished off in a conventional oven for the last 20 minutes or so.
If you fancy yourself as a bit of a barista then compact coffee machines are also available with differing levels of specification. Some can be directly plumbed in whilst others use a reservoir.

If compact appliances are used in conjunction with conventional sized  ovens warming drawers are often included in the set up. Aside from warming plates prior to serving food they also provides a symmetry to the appliance bank that is pleasing to the eye.
kompact-synergy -45cm-microwave-grill-kc545mg

45cm MW and grill

£618.00 inc VAT
kompact-synergy -45cm-combi-microwave-oven-grill-kc545cm

45cm Combi MW, oven and grill

£666.00 inc VAT

45cm Steam oven

£696.00 inc VAT
kompact-synergy -45cm-steam-oven-kc545st
kompact-synergy -45cm-coffee-machine-kc545c

45cm Coffee machine

£1,428.00 inc VAT

Kitchen appliances - hobs.

Gas hobs

Gas hobs retain their popularity among serious cooks because of the level of control they offer. Their biggest drawback is cleaning them, particularly the grills. Those of us who can remember when power cuts were a regular occurrence often feel more comfortable having a gas hob and an electric oven - just in case.

Most gas hobs now come with wok burners and flame failure protection as standard. Gas on glass hobs look sleek and with 2 burner domino gas hobs through to 6 or 8 burner hobs on the market you should be able to find one that exactly meets your cooking requirements.
kompact-synergy -60cm-gas-hob-kc560g

60cm gas hob

£258.00 inc VAT
kompact-synergy -60cm-gas-on-glass-hob-kc560gg

60cm gas on glass hob

£264.00 inc VAT
kompact-synergy -140mm-warming-drawer-kc514wd

140mm warming drawer

£432.00 inc VAT
Also available as 90cm 5 burner KC590GS £330.00 inc VAT
Also available as 90cm 5 burner KC590GG £342.00 inc VAT

60cm induction hob

£468.00 inc VAT

67cm flex induction hob

£1198.00 inc VAT
Electric hobs

Induction and ceramic hob surfaces are made from hard wearing glass. Ceramic hobs have an element under the glass. As soon as you switch a ceramic zone on, the element will start heating up the zone. The zone will glow red, on and off depending on the heat level.

An induction hob only heats up when a pan is placed on it. The coil under the induction zone creates an electromagnetic field when the power is turned on. As soon as the pan is removed or the zone is switched off, heat generation will stop. Induction hobs offer the control of gas and easy cleaning as the surface of the hob stays relatively cool when in use.
Cooking with induction hobs

Cooking with induction hobs is more energy efficient, safer and now quicker than any other method of hob cooking,

They are more energy efficient than gas or ceramic hobs because the heat generation is instant and concentrated directly, and only, onto the bottom of the pan where it makes contact with the surface of the hob. You know how much energy from gas hobs rises up the side of pans - think of those hot handles you have gripped from time to time.

Induction cooking is definitely safer as there is no flame and minimal residual heat.

You will need pans with ferrous metal bottoms, check your pans with a fridge magnet, if it sticks to the bottom of the pan you are good to go.
Domino hobs

Domino hobs are around 300 wide and can be used as add ons to you main hob, say a 2 burner domino gas hob with a 60cm induction hob, to give you more functionality and when cooking.

Alternatively you can construct a very personal cooking zone just from domino hobs. For instance you could combine a 300mm teppanyaki grill with a domino induction hob and domino 2 burner gas hob for real flexibility in a 90cm space.

Kitchen appliances - extractors and cooker hoods.


90cm downdraft extractor

£999.00 inc VAT

60cm box extractor

£252.00 inc VAT
KC70BOX 70cm £276.00 inc VAT or KC90BOX 90 cm £312.00 inc VAT

60cm headroom extractor

£288.00 inc VAT
KCHRH70 70cm £312.00 inc VAT or KCHRH90 90cm £336.00 inc VAT
Today extractors are not only functional they can be extremely beautiful to behold in a variety of shapes sizes and design. Elica are probably among the best known designer extractor brands, you can take a look at what they have to offer here.
Efficient extraction really improves air quality, reduces cooking odours and makes cleaning the kitchen an easier task. Recirculating extractors are better than nothing but wherever possible you should look to vent your hood outside especially if you have a kitchen diner. It really will make a big difference.
Depending on the layout, design and look of your kitchen you have a number of types of extractor to choose from.

Integrated extractors are hidden behind a kitchen door and are best for small kitchens or sleek minimilistic modern kitchens. They are also fairly cheap to buy.

Chimney extractors look great in traditional kitchens and over range cookers and again can be an economical choice.

Angled or headroom extractors are usually a combination of steel and glass and look good in modern kitchens. As their name suggests they reduce the likely hood of banging your head when they are in use.
If you have an island in your kitchen then you have a couple of choices. An island extractor can be hung from the joists or, for more money, a ceilng extractor will not impede the view across the kitchen. The other option is a downdraft extractor which will rise out of the worktop at the touch of a button. All of these require careful planning during the kitchen design as normally preparatory work will need to be undertaken prior to the kitchen installation.

Kitchen appliances - refridgeration.

There are a wide rage of cooling products available to you. They all play an important part in food hygiene and reducing food waste.

Food waste is a hot topic, Recently supermarkets have revealed how much of the fresh food they sell ends up being thrown away which has started to call into question "buy one and get one free" promotions and the like.

This has also led to appliance manufacturers increasing research into refridgeration and cooling products to further extend the fridge life of fresh fruit and vegetables. Bosch's VitaFresh technology is an example of this and there are many others. A good fridge will not only be energy efficient but could change the way you shop which may also save you money.
As with other kitchen appliances it is best to spend a bit of time thinking about what is important to you before purchasing any new cooling equipment. You should consider things like;

How much will it cost to run?

How much will the appliance hold?

Will it fit in my kitchen?

Is it frost free?

Do I want water and ice dispensers?

If it is not integrated is it good to look at?
We can help you with all of these questions and recommend the right appliances for you.

Our kitchens are designed to accommodate any appliance you require be it under counter, built in or free standing. We work closely with our German kitchen manufacturer to ensure that all integrated appliance apertures are the correct size.  Our handleless kitchens have the option of horizontal or vertical mounted finger recesses so tall integrated fridges and freezers can be planned in without spoiling the aesthetics of the design.

Tall integrated larder fridge

£690.00 inc VAT
Also available KCBILFZ tall integrated freezer £690.00 inc VAT
These are a sample of the range of Kompact appliances available from The Kitchen Link. Contact us for details of any other appliances you require.
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