Tomato ideas for the kitchen

Tomato ideas for the kitchen

Today (August 27th) marks La Tomatina, the Spanish tomato event famed for its scenes of people covered in tomato juice.

What better reason to put a little bit more of a spotlight on this tasty fruit, so often used but maybe not so often considered in detail in the kitchen?

Here are five top tomato ideas, why not let us know what your favourite way to use the fruit is?

Which type?

Tomatoes can be bought in supermarkets, markets and greengrocers in a wide range of shapes and sizes. And there's also the chance to buy different colours of the fruit – don't go thinking that red is the only way!

Different tomatoes suit different needs, so when you're buying, take a moment to pick out the most appropriate variety. For a picnic small bite-size tomatoes could be the order of the day, for example. And cherry tomatoes or another small size can make a healthier Vic-C filled snack when you're out and about, for example at work.

Tomato soup

Don't just stick to the can – you can make a great tomato soup – or perhaps even a gazpacho if we get any more warm weather this year – in the kitchen. There are a staggering range of ways to approach tomato soup. Over time, you may even amalgamate features from more than one method, to create your own perfect recipe. It's a great way to get a really strong tomato taste and can be used for a lunch, or the starter for an evening meal.

Tomato salad

Tomatoes are obviously a mainstay of all sorts of salad. But it's possible to put together salads that have more of a focus on the fruit than your standard side salad. One example would be a tomato and mozzarella salad, which is a simple case of some flavoursome basil, tomatoes and mozzarella coming together with  a little simple seasoning.


Pizza is one of the most popular ways to use tomato and it's up to you whether you buy your sauce or decide to make it yourself. In a pizza, a good, condensed tomato sauce provides much of the flavour, against the more subtle taste of the cheese and dough. Then it's about how you complement these things with other items. A good tip is to keep things simple, so you can really appreciate each topping you use.  

Tomato juice

Why not bring some tomato flavour to an evening with a tasty Bloody Mary cocktail, or start the morning with a glug or two of Vitamin C-tastic tomato juice?

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