Three summer dinner party suggestions

Three summer dinner party suggestions

The summer is a great time to have a dinner party. The long evenings help to boost people's desire to head out and there's always the possibility of eating outside, which can make your event all the more special. Here are three tips for a summer dinner party, which you might want to work into your planning!

Consider the seasons

It's often nice to try and be seasonal with your dinner party fare. We're in June and there are plenty of tasty things that are in season in the UK that could make great ingredients for a wide variety of dishes.  

You might like to consider, for example, whether asparagus might work as part of your menu. It's not only perfect for a starter, but can also take a starring or supporting role in any number of excellent mains.

Talking of which, if you're looking to go seasonal, lamb is one of the most obvious dinner party options. Roasted lamb with some seasonal veg is unlikely to go down badly with your party. And for vegetarian guests there are plenty of imaginative things you can do with veggies currently in season.

When it comes to sides, new potatoes make a great addition to lamb and are in season now. These can be roasted with simple seasoning, for example.

If you want to use seafood, one great dinner party addition is crab –  another starter staple or magical element to a main.

Consider how to use the garden

Gardens are often at their most used in the summer. If you have one you're proud of, it's likely you won't want to waste it when the time comes to gather your friends together for a feast.

As well as eating outside, a dinner party can be a great time to show off the treats you've been growing like fresh herbs. Why not combine a dinner party with a BBQ? A fun twist on dinner party fare could be to serve up posh burgers, of the sort that are all the rage these days. And of course BBQs aren't just an excuse for burgers and hot dogs – they can be a brilliant way to serve up lots of different things, including succulent, seasonal lamb.

Consider temperature

From getting plenty of ice in for some summer drinks, to thinking about whether a chilled and tasty gazpacho would be the ultimate way to kick off your meal, to making your own ice desert as a delicious sweet course, there are plenty of ways to work cool treats into your meal – which people are sure to particularly appreciate if you end up having excellent weather for your gathering!

Generally speaking, whatever the season, if you love dinner parties you'll want your kitchen to look its best, and do its job well. Your friends will be impressed if you arrange a makeover for the space, turning it into a fantastic high-gloss kitchen or something in a different style. And a makeover may mean the space is all the better suited to your practical needs. 

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