Things you should actually buy for your kitchen this year

Health grills are a great addition to your kitchen

If you didn't get a kitchen gadget for Christmas and have yet to grab one in the January sales, it's likely that you are looking at what you've missed out on. 

While some kitchen utensils prove to be a bit of a fad, being used once before being put in the cupboard and forgotten about, others are great investments that you'll be glad to have.

Rather than convincing yourself that you will getting plenty of use out of a half price candy floss maker, why not have a look at utensils and accessories that will actually transform how you cook.

Whether you want to make your diet healthier or you simply want to make cooking in general easier, here are some great choices:

Health grill

Health grills are a simple and easy way to prepare food, allowing you to cook several things at the same time with minimal hassle. They are also – as the name suggests – a healthy way of cooking as they drain excess fat away from your food.

You can get these in a number of sizes to suit your needs and they are ideal for preparing meat, fish, vegetables and even for toasting sandwiches or paninis. 

They use less electricity than you would when heating up your oven to cook things, which can make a difference to energy bills if you are just cooking for one or two on a regular basis. You'll also find them very easy to clean and store, meaning you're more likely to use one.

Once you've cooked a few things on your grill, it is sure to become your go-to method of food preparation – especially as you can effectively half cooking time.

All-purpose bakeware

Space is always at a premium in kitchens, even if you are lucky enough to have a large room. This means that finding products with more than one feature can help you make the most of the space you do have.

All-purpose bakeware allows you to get rid of single-purpose varieties as you can do so much with it. As well as serving as mixing bowls when baking, some varieties are fridge, freezer, oven and microwave safe, meaning you can get a lot of use out of them.

Choose a stackable set and it takes up even less room in your cupboards, making life a lot easier for you.

Butcher's trolley

Do you ever wish you had more storage or extra space on your worktop? You can solve both problems by investing in a butcher's trolley. If you have the space in your kitchen, a trolley will provide you with extra drawers and/or shelves for kitchen utensils or vegetable boxes. They will also give you a bit of extra worktop either for food prep or storage.

Perhaps the best thing about butcher's trolleys is that they come on wheels, allowing you to move them as and when you need to. This means if you have space in front of a basement door, for example, you can store your trolley there until you need to go downstairs. 

You can also use it to serve from in your dining room, making dinner parties or everyday meals much easier than if you were carrying plates and dishes from one room to the next. This simple thing could be the answer to several kitchen problems. 

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