Seven top beverage tips for the kitchen

Seven top beverage tips for the kitchen

You’ll perhaps be preparing drinks in your new kitchen just as much as you’ll be cooking in it, especially if you love your tea and coffee!

There are lots of ways that it’s possible to boost your kitchen as a place for pouring and enjoying an evening glass of wine, morning espresso or afternoon tea, for example.

Below are just a handful of beverage-themed ideas for the kitchen.

Ice is nice  

Ice can be great to use to chill your smoothie, cool your wine bucket or simply make a cold drink all the more appetising during the summer. If you love a bit of ice, make sure you have a freezer in place, and consider whether a fridge-freezer with an ice dispenser could be a good addition to your space.

Wine rack

A wine rack is a great way to store your wine and can be a fine space-saver. Given that, even if you don’t drink wine all that much, you may often be given a bottle as a present now and then, they can be a really useful thing to invest in. And, let’s face it, a well organised wine collection looks very sophisticated!

Espresso maker

These days, lots of us love a cup of espresso in the morning. It helps us feel cool and continental, gives us a much desired dose of caffeine and is a great quick drink for before work. There are options galore out there when it comes to electric machines to make your shot. Or perhaps you’ll opt for a stove-top pot, which takes up very little space, and works by filling the bottom part with water and an upper layer with coffee grounds. As the water boils, coffee bubbles into a jug at the top of the device.

You can view our range of kitchen appliances, including coffee makers on this page.

Breakfast bar or kitchen island

For a casual drink in the evening, a breakfast bar, kitchen island or simple kitchen table can save you having to use the dining room, and offers a good excuse for you to spend some down time in your gorgeous kitchen!

Smoothie maker

Smoothie makers are a way for fruit and veg fans to whiz up tasty home-made drinks for themselves. There are lots of recipes out there, and having your own smoothie maker means you get more choice than if you simply buy ready made smoothies in the shops.

Drinking vessels

When you have a new kitchen, it can be nice to change even the small details – for example buying a new set of gorgeous glasses that make pouring a drink extra special. Do you have the sorts of cups and glassware that could easily be displayed out in the open in your kitchen? This could be a good test of whether you’re happy with your collection!

A good teapot

Lots of us make tea in the mug with a bag these days, but perhaps especially if you are making with loose leaves, or just want a stylish addition to your kitchen, a teapot can really come in handy! And they’re a must if you’re having a little tea do with friends in the afternoon, of course!

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