Kitchen trends set to be popular in 2016

Neutral kitchens are a popular choice for 2016

If you're thinking about updating your kitchen in the new year, you may find some inspiration in the interior designs that are set to be big in 2016. Every year brings with it new decorating styles and must-have accessories, which help to inform kitchen design, so 2016's trends could help you create your dream kitchen.

While certain styles are seemingly timeless and are never far from the mainstream, there are a few unusual looks that are being touted as next year's must-haves. So what trends should you be keeping an eye out for?

Here are some of the top kitchen design trends that are sure to be popular throughout the next 12 months:

Dark steel

Industrial kitchens have been a really popular choice throughout 2015, with the clean look offering a modern touch that works within open space and enclosed rooms. This look has a number of benefits, including an easy, uniform design, quick clean surfaces and hard-wearing features.

While kitchens can still use industrial design as a basis, in 2016 they are getting a slightly different touch.

Rather than bright, silver steel surfaces, the next year will see dark stainless steel styles become more popular. This creates a slightly moodier look that is chic, elegant and modern. It will work alongside other metals, bright colours and woods to create an interesting room that has a lot of personality.

This is the ideal choice if you like the practicality of industrial kitchens but have been put off by their stark appearance. Combine cool steel with warmer tones or textures for a modern kitchen that has country elements, which will make use of the trend for texture – due to be hugely important during 2016.

Clean lines

Fussy designs that have a lot of intricate details are definitely out for 2016, with clean lines being the go-to trend. This creates a modern and attractive kitchen that also complements more vintage styles.

It is important to note that clean lines doesn't just mean straight. You don't need to opt for a totally square kitchen if that isn't your cup of tea. You can also choose from soft curving lines, so long as they are also neat and keep the overall look of your kitchen tidy.

The best thing about choosing a kitchen that is built on clean lines is that you can introduce features in other ways, such as through your lighting or the colours you opt for. It is much easier to introduce other details without the worry of clashing if you choose counters, cabinets and flooring that all use the same lines.

Neat neutrals

When it comes to kitchen colours, neutral tones are king in 2016. Shades like grey, white, cream and earth tones are great choices if you want a timeless yet modern kitchen that works with the trends of the new year.
You can combine different neutral colours to create a warm and welcoming kitchen that is effective but comes with minimal fuss. This trend is ideal for experimenting with different textures, as all of the shades work well together. This means you can combine different materials throughout your kitchen for a more versatile look without going over the top with your design.


This is an ongoing trend and an incredibly important one if you want to get the most out of your kitchen. Functional kitchen design offers a range of clever ideas to save space and make using your kitchen every day much simpler.

You can add storage in a range of places, ensuring every bit of space is accounted for while also helping to keep countertops free. This means extra draws and cupboards, as well as some handy modern gadgets, are must-haves and could really influence the overall design of your room.

Not only does this mean you end up with a kitchen that looks great, you also have one that is perfect for all of your needs.

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