Kitchen Storage Solutions

Whether you have a large family kitchen, or a compact space in the city, organisation and a complete kitchen storage plan can help to make the most of the room that so often forms the heart of the household. A good storage system should keep the kitchen looking great by concealing what would otherwise clutter the space, and make your life easier when it comes to day-to-day use.

Keeping on top of clutter is essential in every kitchen, and as such, an effective kitchen storage plan can help you to achieve and maintain the wow factor in any style of kitchen – but remember that even the best storage plan will mean nothing without a bit of cleaning beforehand and decoration after. There are plenty of blogs and websites about tidying upand decorating to help if you need inspiration.

A Kitchen Storage Plan

From cooking equipment and cleaning products to ingredients, the sheer amount of objects that belong in the kitchen out-rivals the storage requirements of all other rooms. Storage is therefore a worthwhile consideration, whether you’re designing a brand new kitchen or struggling with your existing facilities. If your kitchen organisation needs a fresh start, sit down and make a rough plan of how you will group kitchen items and where they will go. There are two ways of doing this:

  • Start by counting the amount of cupboards in your kitchen, noting where storage spaces are larger or smaller than others, and then split all of the items you need to store into the same amount of categories by writing lists.
  • Alternatively, if you have the luxury of choosing how many kitchen cabinets you will have, list everything you’ll have in your kitchen before categorising, estimating how much space each group of items will require, and then design your storage accordingly.

Once you’ve determined your personal requirements, seek out creative storage solutions to make the best use of storage space available. If you don’t live near a furniture store, or you find yourself uninspired by what your local Ikea has to offer, try browsing online. There are lots of original ideas out there – Pinterest is a great place to find all kinds of unique solutions.

The best kitchen organisation and storage plans, however, come from considering the needs of the people who use it. Whilst it is essential that the look and style of your kitchen suits your taste, it is equally important that the design of your kitchen fits in with your lifestyle.

The Family Kitchen

For a large family, a logical kitchen storage plan, which reflects the way you use items, is vital. Involving all family members in the planning stage, or even pinning the plan up for the first few weeks or months, can help ensure that kitchen items are put back where they came from – meaning that everyone knows where to find things, and thus can avoid countless arguments.

Get organised for an easier life in your kitchen.

Get organised for an easier life in your kitchen.

The Compact Urban Kitchen

When it comes to organising an urban kitchen, a considered storage plan can help you to maximise your space, making your small kitchen easy to clean and clutter-free. Where space is restricted, think about using plastic food containers to store food in the fridge and freezer and dry food. Items are then stackable and fit tightly together, with less room wasted. Just remember to retain cooking instructions and use-by dates if you’re recycling food packaging to make more space.

Tips and Tools for Kitchen Organisation

There is a great range of products on the market designed to store kitchen equipment, but hiding household items away doesn’t always mean organisation. That said, buying tools to assist in organising your storage should be thought-out and selective – just keep things simple. A complex system or hooks or boxes will only end up adding to your organisational woes, rather than solving them.

Measuring or knowing the sizes of your draw and kitchen cabinet spaces and comparing them to product specifications is also vital when making decisions, whether you’re revamping your existing kitchen or designing a brand new one.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to an organised kitchen!

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