Kitchen design: Common mistakes to avoid

Take these points into consideration when planning your new kitchen

Designing your kitchen can be a fun creative exercise with plenty of reward – but you also need to tread carefully.

Kitchens are often referred to as ‘the heart of the home’: it’s in this space that guests gather and hearty homemade meals are cooked and consumed, and so its important that the room be warm and welcoming. What’s more, the design of your kitchen can add on or knock off a significant amount of value to your house as a whole and so you don’t want it to look too old fashioned, cold or drab.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of mistakes that are common when people are remodelling their kitchen to help you along.

Forgetting functionality

Of course you want your kitchen to look nice but don’t forget what it’s there for!

For example, you might be really keen on a minimalist look, but you still need plenty of storage space to stop your kitchen from getting cluttered. You might really like the look of a smallish fridge, but you have to question whether it’s really big enough for your whole family to use. Mood lighting might look nice, but it’s not exactly ideal for a place where you will be using sharp knives.

You get the picture – ensure you have a good balance of style and substance and you’ll be on the right track.

Being too trendy

Next on the list of no-nos is going too trendy with your kitchen. Obviously it is important to keep the space updated, but if it’s too fashion-forward or panders to a passing trend, you’re likely to regret your style choices before too long.

For example, not too long ago sleek, futuristic kitchens full of chrome were all the rage. However, the past few years have seen the rise of the twee, rustic kitchen – but how long until this flips again?

It’s best to keep your design relatively simple and then jazz it up to fall in with current trends with accessories, rather than committing to a very trendy kitchen that will be passe in a matter of months.

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Never forget the triangle

‘The triangle’ is one law of kitchen design that will never go out of fashion.

The idea is to have a clear path between your sink, fridge and stove. Fail to stick to this rule and you’ll just be creating a constant headache for yourself down the road. This is one to remember if you’re planning on sticking a kitchen island in the middle of the space – having to walk round it every time you want to get to the fridge will fast get old.

Architectural integrity

We’ve all been to one of those houses where the kitchen just seems really out of place. A ultra-modern kitchen in a period property, for example, or a bright and bold kitchen in a house that is otherwise decorated with neutral tones.

This is why it is essential to consider the rest of the house when planning your new kitchen. You want it to complement the rest of your home – not stick out like a sore thumb.

Don’t show too much personality

A strong idea of what you want your kitchen to look like is really important – obviously you want the space to be decorated your taste. However, it might be worth reigning some of your more ‘out there’ ideas back in slightly.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly your taste is likely to change – purple and black stripy cabinets might seem fun at the time of painting, only for you to later wonder what you were thinking. In addition, if you are hoping to sell your house in the near future, putting too much of your personality into the kitchen will hinder potential buyers’ ability to see themselves living in your house.

This is why it really is better to jazz it all up with accessories that can be easily removed when you get sick of them or in the event of house viewings.


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