Kitchen accessories you’ll want in 2016

Make meals easy with a mini grill in 2016

If you love spending time in your kitchen, you're probably partial to the odd gadget. Whether you like to try your hand at cooking fancy things or are always on the lookout to make everyday cuisine easier, there are some great gadgets that are likely to become popular in 2016.

Here are some of our top picks for must-have kitchen accessories next year, which could help you become even more of a culinary whizz:

Microwave pressure cooker

We've all been too tired to cook something properly after a hard day, which is why many of us turn to our microwaves for a quick and easy meal. However, this is never as good as putting some time into a dinner cooked in the oven.

A microwave pressure cooker means you can cook better food in your microwave, resulting in quick and easy meals that taste brilliant. As pressure cookers are also a healthy way of cooking that retains all of the food's nutrients, it also means you can get healthier meals.

You can make savoury or sweet foods with a microwave pressure cooker, meaning there are plenty of options for quick and tasty dinners with minimal hassle and a lot less washing up!

Flare pans

These are a must-have for any kitchen, offering a more even heat distribution that can reduce the amount of energy it takes to cook food while also meaning food is ready much quicker.

The pans have a fin-like shape along the outside, rather than the traditionally straight sides that pans tend to have. This means heat can travel up, warming the pans quickly and evenly.

Not only are these practical, they also look great and are the perfect addition to a modern kitchen.

Angled measuring jugs

Gone are the days of having to crouch and squint to determine how much liquid you've poured into a jug. Angled measuring jugs make accurate measurements much easier. 

These have the typical measuring lines up the sides of the jugs but also come with markings that are easy to see when you're looking down on it.

This means you can keep track of how much you're pouring as you go, saving you from having to stop and start in order to double check what is in your jug. These jugs also look stylish, so will fit in modern kitchens.

Mini grill 

If you only prepare meals for yourself or a couple of people, it doesn't always make sense to heat up your entire oven. Not only does this use a lot of energy in the long run, it also means you'll be left having to clean your cooker more often.

Instead, make cooking smaller meals simple by opting for a mini grill. These can cook practically anything that you would usually fry or pop in the oven, offering a healthy, quick and tasty way to prepare meals. 

In fact, you can even cook an entire meal on one grill, saving you on washing up and overall effort.

You may even want to put some of these items on your Christmas list to get ready for 2016!

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