Easy tricks for any kitchen

Tidy your drawers with verticle utensil holders

There are always a lot of kitchen "hacks" being showcased online. While these may look good, they aren't all practical for a normal, everyday kitchen; after all, there's no point in spending money on something that actually isn't going to come in handy.

To save you time and money, here are some of the best tricks that you can use in your kitchen that will actually come in handy:

Chalkboard spice rack

The spices you have in your kitchen tend to change a lot. While you're sure to have your staple herbs at all times, trying new recipes can result in you adding a few extra spices to your collection.

Rather than just shoving everything in a cupboard and having to dig around for the right herb or spice when you're cooking, create an easy spice rack on a spare wall in your kitchen.

All you need to do is choose some small matching jars that you can decant your spices into and a couple of shelves that they fit comfortably on.

Before installing your shelves, paint the wall with chalkboard paint, which comes in a number of colours. This will allow you to write the name of the herb or spice above the right pot when your shelves are up.

This means you can remove empty pots and rearrange your collection easily, while your display is quirky and cool.

Vertical utensil drawers

Storing your knives and forks in a cutlery tray is all well and good, but it can soon leave your drawers in a bit of a mess, especially if the tray isn't very deep. However, if you have a deep drawer, you can make the most of this and keep your kitchen tidy by creating a vertical utensil drawer.

All you need to do is add separators to the draw to create cube-shaped storage spaces that are deep enough for your utensils to fit in comfortably. You can then store everything easily and quickly in a neat environment.

Pull-out fridge baskets

Fridges can be notorious for keeping tidy, especially if you only have a small, under-the-counter one. Rather than simply shoving everything in wherever it will fit, which can mean you risk cross-contamination with foods, add more order with pull-out baskets

Plastic, stackable baskets can cost a couple of pounds each and will instantly transform your fridge. You can put similar items in baskets together – which can even be colour coded – in order to keep your fridge tidy and ensure all food is safe to eat. 

Stackable dry food boxes

Another great way to organise your kitchen and avoid cupboards full of half-open packages is to invest in some stackable plastic boxes. These can store dry foods easily and quickly, while also ensuring they don't spoil.

Things like sugar, flour, rice and pasta can all be poured directly into clean plastic boxes and then stacked on top of each other in your kitchen cupboards. Just use a marker to write on the front of each box what's in there and you'll be able to tell at a glance what you have in your cupboards, as well as be able to keep them tidy at all times with minimal effort. 

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