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Your worktop can create a number of different looks

Choosing the right countertop for your kitchen

One of the most important design features in your kitchen in is your countertop. The material you use can influence usability and function as well as the overall look of the room, which means you need to get it right. Just as with anything when you are designing your dream kitchen, there are a number […]

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Wooden work surfaces have a number of benefits

Why choose solid wood work surfaces for the kitchen?

Solid wood work surfaces can give a kitchen that little extra style and feel of quality, so it’s not surprising they are such a sought-after choice for a kitchen design.   Even if it’s not a material you decide to use for the entire room, a solid wood finished kitchen island can really become a […]

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Laminate work surfaces have a whole host of benefits

3 Great things about laminate work surfaces

Choosing the material for your work surfaces can often be the trickiest thing to decide when designing a new kitchen for your home. With choices including marble, solid wood and granite, you might get a little bit lost when thinking of the pros and cons of each. But perhaps you could find a compromise with […]

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A kitchen scene.

Using quartz for worktops in the kitchen

At some stage during the task of planning a kitchen, the question of work surfaces is likely to come up. These are often spaces where food preparation action takes place and where many small appliances, such as the toaster, kettle and more, are stored. Your kitchen designer may mention a number of different sorts of […]

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How To Fit Laminate Kitchen Worktops

Here are some guidelines and tips on how to fit laminate kitchen worktops. Providing the job is not too complicated and you take a methodical approach then fitting laminate worktops is a fairly straightforward undertaking. For more complicated installations you may want to consider employing a professional kitchen fitter as mistakes could prove costly. Hints […]

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