Caring for wood in your kitchen

Keep wooden counters and cupboards looking like new

If you've invested in a beautiful wooden kitchen, you'll want to keep it looking as good as possible. 

Parts of your kitchen see a lot of wear and tear, which can leave them looking a bit tired. This isn't great if you've spent money on solid wooden counters or cupboards, especially as they should last you years.

Luckily, there are ways you can look after woods in your kitchen and keep it looking like new, even when it sees a lot of use. Here are our top tips for caring for wood finishes:

Find out if the wood is varnished or oiled

One of the most important things you need to know when it comes to looking after your wooden kitchen is whether the wood is oiled or varnished. These are two different treatments that result in slightly different finishes.

They also react in different ways to things like cleaning solutions, which is why you need to know which way your wood has been treated.

Typically, varnished wood is more hardwearing, as the varnish creates a solid seal around the wood that stops abrasive chemicals from affecting it. However, oiled wood is easier to look after in the long-run – even if it does require different cleaning solutions as a bit of oil can be removed each time you clean it.

You'll also find that oiled wood is easier to repair if it becomes scratched, burned or worn, which can mean it will last longer.

Clean the wood regularly

As with any surface in your kitchen, it is important that you clean wooden kitchens regularly to avoid any spills from staining. You should aim to clean up anything that gets on your wood as quickly as possible.

However, you should also do a regular deep clean every few weeks as cooking can result in grease settling on the surface of your wooden kitchen. This is tougher to remove the longer it is left and can leave the wood looking discoloured.

It also means that dust will stick more readily to the surface, which will also be difficult to remove over time.

Regular treatment

As well as cleaning, you should treat your wooden kitchen on a regular basis. This means using polish to buff up counters and cabinets and to create a protective seal that will ensure they last longer. 

If your wood is oiled, you may want to find a suitable wood oil that you can treat it with as this will replace any oil that has been removed by cleaning. Alternatively, furniture wax is also a good idea and will protect your wood for longer. 

Protect from heat

While some kitchen counters are made to be heatproof, wood isn't one of them. While the odd hot surface won't damage it too badly over time, wood can burn. This means you should have pot holders at the ready to place any hot pans or dishes onto.

Don't cut food directly on worktops

Failing to use chopping boards can result in scarring in of your wooden counters, which gets worse over time. Not only does this look awful, it also means that dirt and food gets trapped, resulting in an unhygienic environment.

You should ensure that any cutting is done using a chopping board in order to protect your wooden surfaces. 

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