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Historic Kitchens in London – Hampton Court

Of all the historic kitchens in London that are open to the public some¬† the most interesting to visit are the Tudor kitchens at Hampton Court Palace. A good part of this interest is that they are regularly fired up and used to cook food so the experience can be quite immersive. The kitchens were […]

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Solid Surface Worktops – Seamlessly Sleek

Solid surface worktops are sleek, seamless and desirable. In this article we will review the benefits of having solid surface worktops installed in your kitchen. To begin with the name solid surface is a bit of a misnomer because, unless your kitchen is very small, your solid surface worktop will have joins in it, you […]

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5 Stylish Italian Kitchen Brands.

It is generally accepted that German kitchen quality and engineering is among the best in the industry but when it comes to style and design the Italians lead the way. They have a certain passion, brio and flair for it. Here are 5 Italian kitchen companies renowned for their innovation and strong brand names. Valcucine […]

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What Is A Teppanyaki Grill?

A kitchen appliance that is slowly making it’s way onto more peoples wish list is a teppanyaki grill but some of us are still asking the question – What is a teppenyaki grill?¬† In this article we will look at the origins of teppanyaki and take a look a few examples of this desirable kitchen […]

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Grey Kitchens – 5 Beautiful Examples

The trend for grey kitchens continues to gather strength. In 2013 kitchens in shades of grey were the third most popular choice behind white and shades of cream. Based on our customer enquiries so far in 2014 this seems likely to be the case this year as well. This is also true when it comes […]

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