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A Marvel of German Engineering

The Nobilia kitchen factory, situated in Gutersloh really is a marvel of German engineering. No where else in the world produces more kitchen cabinets than this factory. The success of this plant is due to high levels of investment in automatation. Since it opened in the 1940s the progress towards fully automated production of kitchens […]

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A Traditional Welsh Christmas.

We buy some of our kitchens from Masterclass Kitchens in Wales. With the festive season approaching we thought we would take a look at how their Welsh ancestors celebrated Christmas. Some of the customs below are still carried on today, others have not stood the test of time so well. Music was, and is, very […]

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Christmas in Germany

If you are planning a trip to one of Germany’s famous Christmas markets, maybe Munich or Koblenz, or visiting Germany over the holiday period then read our short guide to Christmas in Germany. Advent has great significance during Christmas in Germany. Advent is a 4 week celebration in anticipation of the arrival of das Christkind […]

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How To Plan The Perfect Kitchen Makeover.

Planning and scheduling a kitchen makeover is not straightforward and if your renovation involves structural changes then it can become quite complicated. The best thing to do is to break it into chunks and then put together a plan. Before you begin your kitchen makeover decide what you want to end up with and how […]

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The Smeg 500 refridgerator, part car, part domestic appliance.

Is It A Fiat 500 Or A Fridge? Both Actually

The new Fiat 500 came out a few years ago now and caused quite a stir at the time. Those of us old enough to remember the iconic original which first hit the Italian streets in 1957 probably prefer it’s smaller size and more more utilitarian looks. My Grandfather had a blue one that he […]

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